Reports surfaced that the United Nations was about to appoint an alien ambassador. Sure, Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist and head of the U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs, issued a denial to the Guardian that she would be taking on the mantle of the official greeter to the stars.

However, on Oct. 5 at a Royal Society meeting, she said the United Nations ought to be thinking about the important question of who should represent humanity if aliens do come to this planet.

The same week that Othman denied the ambassador role, The Post’s John Kelly headed to a news conference where U.S. Air Force officers announced that “UFOs have been systematically hovering over our country’s nuclear missiles and occasionally disabling them.”

Then last week, air traffic controllers in China closed an airport because of what they believed to be a UFO. It was the eighth time since June. The eighth!

An image released by the French government is among 1,600 UFO case files spanning the past half-century. (French National Center for Space Studies)

Three new books were released on the subject, all beginning with the premise that UFOs do exist. Joshua Blu Buhs writes: “Believing in UFOs is a rational response to the world as it is experienced. Perhaps our jokes, then, stem from lack of understanding — or fear.”

Now, New Yorkers reported seeing a UFO over the Chelsea neighborhood.

Some people say it was a cluster of balloons.

What do you think?