A free-cheesecake promotion at The Cheesecake Factory made a man was arrested and will be charged with disorderly conduct on Wednesday.

The chaos occurred after Cheesecake Factory hyped a 40th anniversary deal for a free piece of cheesecake if ordered for delivery through DoorDash. The deal also includes no-charge delivery on other orders through Dec. 11.

Arlington County police spokeswoman Ashley Savage said there was a report of a fight inside the restaurant, where a large crowd had gathered. Officers didn’t find the fight but arrested a “disorderly person” whom the restaurant requested be removed after he disobeyed police commands.

“No delivery fees, service fees or subtotal minimum required,” DoorDash wrote in a blog post announcing the deal. “This means you don’t have to order anything and can still get your slice of cheesecake for free.”

Giddy customers flooded the restaurant with orders, causing a large number of DoorDash delivery drivers to crowd into Cheesecake Factory lobbies, including the Arlington location.

But dozens of people said on social media that they had trouble with the DoorDash app, their restaurant was out of cheesecake or their location was not participating in the deal.

On Twitter, DoorDash apologized directly to some customers who complained of difficulty.

The company said on Twitter that “due to excess demand,” Cheesecake Factory delivery was “currently unavailable in some areas.”

Cheesecake Factory and DoorDash did not immediately respond to requests seeking comment.

On the bright side, some 40,000 customers got a free slice.

Today I got a free cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and I’m so happy— Sav (@SavannahRenee_0) December 5, 2018

Bruh they got all the door dashers in Columbus at the Cheesecake Factory 😂😂😂— Enchantress (@Lola_Diorre) December 5, 2018

Hi @theevilbaker. I understand you wanted to place an order with The Cheesecake Factory. We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to excess demand, this store is currently unavailable in some areas.— DoorDash Help (@DoorDash_Help) December 5, 2018

So my whole company went on @DoorDash to order free cheesecakes from the @Cheesecake and it took 20 mins for the Cheesecake Factory to shut it all down. So many unhappy customers! 😡— alex. (@alexxdaniellee_) December 5, 2018

@DoorDash SUCKS I will never use them again! Ordered lunch at 11:37 and it hasn’t arrived iHave a 3pm flight & had to hop in @Uber iTried #DoorDash cause of @Cheesecake factory promo – so wanted the cheesecake😢 pic.twitter.com/2NPA1Vw5EG— Sharyn Bovat (@sharynbovat) December 5, 2018