SEAL Team Six, A Virginia Beach-based team of Navy SEALS is credited with finally bringing down Osama bin Laden.

Team Six” – a moniker given to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (or DevGru, for short) – had been undergoing extensive training to ensure that their raids would unfold flawlessly, even practicing their skills in a replicated one-acre compound built on Camp Alpha.

DevGru belongs to the Joint Special Operations Command and reports to the President, their missions and training always highly classified. In fact, according to the National Journal, the general public isn’t told about the specifics of team members’ deaths.

The team captured bin Laden in an attack lasted about 40 minutes, during which a total of 22 people were killed or captured.

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  1. We are so proud of our young men….thank you for all you do for Americans…Even when we do not know you are taking care of us, we are praying for you…Love you XoXoXoXoXoXo

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