420 Celebration, Today, marijuana users unite in a cloud of hazy smoke to celebrate “420,” or April 20, in what has become a cannabis smoking holiday, and medical marijuana dispensaries, or MMDs.

Cannabis Care, 227 Jefferson St., is expecting a 50 percent increase in sales as they offer “Old School” prices on grams, ounces, eighths and quarters of its medicinal marijuana.

Stephen Lewchuk, manager of the Cannabis Care Wellness Center in Garden City who helped launch the Fort Collins MMD, said sales on “420” last year were phenomenal.

Lewchuk could not provide specific numbers in terms of how many patients his store has in Northern Colorado, however, he estimated they see about 30 patients a day and expect to double that today because of “420.”

Tyler Grant, with Emerald Pathway, 4020 S. College Ave., said they are offering free grams and rolls all day along with raffles.

“420 is the appreciation of the medicine and what it is and what it does,” Grant said. “And it brings people together, kind of like St. Patrick’s Day.”

Other MMDs in town are offering incentives to buy today.

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