Dreamlike wave, the incredible find by Rip Curl team members during a recent “Search” expedition in the jungles of Indonesia. What makes this latest wave discovery so fascinating is that it was made not on a coastline or island shore, but on a remote jungle river that gets pounded by a powerful tidal bore. But unlike other tidal bores that produce relatively small, mushy waves, this remarkable phenomenon pushes swells upstream in dream-like fashion at heights of 8 to 10 feet.

What’s so stunning about this find is the wave’s coffee-colored walls break from top to bottom, similar to the hollow powerful waves that peel over coral reefs. But the riverbank refraction of the primary wave sends rebound wedges perpendicular across the river, carving the secondary wave into a line of spinning peaks with cookie-cutter perfection. These mirror-reflection spinners appear choreographed, with all the symmetry of a Rockettes’ leg kick, the likes of which has never be found in the ocean…at least not yet.

“This was our biggest score in twenty years of exploring,” says Tom Curren, a former three-time world surfing champion who has been roaming the world’s coastlines scouring for the proverbial perfect wave ever since winning his last world title in 1990. His stories of this new spot called Seven Ghosts (named after the nearest jungle village) has his fans reeling.

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  1. Wow I would like to know where this is,I have been all over Eastern Nusa Tengarra so I think it is somewhere else in Indo.I speak some Bahasa and I would like to go to this place someday.

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