MARK ZUCKERBERG, the founder of Facebook and the world’s youngest billionaire, spoke candidly about his thoughts on the recent movie, ‘The Social Network‘, during an interview with ’60 Minutes’, reports The Uk’s Daily Telegraph. David Fincher directed the critically acclaimed film that explores the creation of the social networking website, but Zuckerman says he found several problems with the movie.

“I just think people have a lot of fiction. But, you know, I mean, the real story of Facebook is just that we’ve worked so hard for all this time,” he said. “I mean, the real story is actually probably pretty boring, right? I mean, we just sat at our computers for six years and coded.”

In the film, the 26-year-old is generally portrayed in an unflattering light and it is suggested that he decides to create Facebook during a drunken night in the wake of being dumped by his girlfriend. However, Zuckerberg denies that this was the inspiration behind the website’s founding, saying, “I mean, there are hugely basic things that they got wrong, too. They made it seem like my whole motivation for building Facebook was so I could get girls, right? And they completely left out the fact that my girlfriend, I’ve been dating since before I started Facebook”. Nevertheless, the 26-year-old admitted that he enjoyed the movie and took his entire staff to watch it, adding, “I think that they got every single T-shirt that they had the Mark Zuckerberg character wearing right. I think I actually own those T-shirts. And they got the sandals right”.

Zuckerberg, who premiered Facebook’s new-look profile page during the interview, said he also had qualms with how the movie was based around a lawsuit. He said, “This has never been a big deal to Facebook or its evolution.I’ve probably spent less than two weeks of my time worried .

Speaking at Y-combinator event over the weekend, the real Mark Zuckerberg said that the biggest difference between the movie and real life stems from the fact that movie-makers “can’t wrap their head around the idea that someone might build something because they like building things.”

Zuckerberg says the movie did his outfits right, though.