covered Live stream of Wing Bowl 2010. This time, it will focus on the biggest reason for its success – women.


Super Squib

Hometown: Berlin, NJ Height- 6`4 Weight- 215 lbs The defending champion Odds: 2-1 Bam Bam Wingalow

Hometown: Lincoln University, PA Height- 6`1 Weight- 225 lbs Eating Stunt: 36 Wings in 5mins Odds: 40-1 The Wild Turkey

Hometown: Collegeville, PA Height- 6`1 Weight- 265 lbs Eating Stunt: 5 dbl cheeseburgers & 3lbs of mashed potatoes in 7 mins Odds: 10-1 Hot Pockets

Hometown: Abington, PA Height- 6`2 Weight- 225 lbs Eating Stunt: 20 meatballs, sauce and cheese Odds: 35-1 Snack-Jack

Hometown: Bainbridge, PA Height- 5`10 Weight- 220 lbs Eating Stunt: 100 Won Tons Odds: 100-1 The Polish Assassin

Hometown: Newark, DE Height- 6`0 Weight- 185 lbs Eating Stunt: 12 Perogies and 8″ of Kelbasa in 3 mins Odds: 10-1 Hungry Hungry Hebrew

Hometown: Center City Philadelphia, PA Height- 6`2 Weight- 205 lbs Eating Stunt: 30 Latkes in 5 mins Odds: 75-1 Hank the Tank

Hometown: South Philadelphia Height- 6`1 Weight- 320 lbs Eating Stunt: WIP Vending Machine in 24 mins Odds: 12-1 Obi Wing

Hometown: The Main Line, PA Height- 6`2 Weight- 250 lbs Eating Stunt: Various Fruits Odds: 15-1 Rick the Manager

Hometown: Royersford, PA Height- 5`10 Weight- 230 lbs Eating Stunt: 7 International Foods in 6mins Odds: 25-1 Pot Pie the Sailor Man

Hometown: Blackwood, NJ Height- 5`10 Weight- 290 lbs Eating Stunt: TGI Fridays Desert menu Odds: 10-1 Fat Bastard

Hometown: Warrington, PA Height- Weight- Eating Stunt: 67 Wings in 10mins @ Rock Bottom Odds: 30-1 Stormin Norman