The Greatest Superbowl’s Commercials


There are 10 best commercials you can watch and vote on’s Superbowl Commercials (  Pedigree Crazy Pets (2009), E-Trade Baby Burp Up (2008) and Budweiser Super Fan (2006). They are running a poll tonight with “What’s the Best Superbowl Commercial of All Time?”

The Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League in the United States, is known for the high-profile advertisements that air during its television broadcast. The broadcast typically ranks very highly in the Nielsen ratings, reaching more than 90 million viewers. Prices for advertising space can typically cost millions of dollars; 30 seconds of advertising time during the 2010 telecast is expected to cost US $501.01 million.

Watch the Superbowl Commercials:

Pedigree Crazy Pets (2009)

E-Trade Baby Burp Up (2008):

Budweiser Super Fan (2006):

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