On Tuesday’s edition, the “24k Magic” singer got in the car with the Late Late Show host and the two went through the singer’s endless list of hits, from “Locked Out Of Heaven” to “Grenade.”

James Corden and Bruno Mars had some clear chemistry from the get-go, diving in with Mars’ latest funk hit 24K Magic with some sweet dance moves.

Mars revealed in the clip that he wore hats so often because he simply didn’t know what to do with his curly hair, and also sang an impromptu version of Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock.

He said he knew that at just 4 years old he wanted to perform. “I was impersonating Elvis Presley at my dad’s rock and roll 1950s review …” and then broke into an impromptu rendition of “Jailhouse Rock” that is just too good.

“All that song teaches me is that you and I are very different in the bedroom,” Corden admitted after the pair sang his song “Versace On The Floor.” “If I start bringing out those sort of shoulder moves, I’d be living on my own, with a roommate, over a gas station.”

“I’ve never felt more alive,” Corden declared at the end of the ride.