Kevin won the power of veto in Big Brother 11 Episode 15, guaranteeing his own safety for the week but not using it to save his friend Lydia, who remains on the block against Russell.

The biggest question of the night is whether Jeff will use his coup d’etat power, and whether I will have to use the R word for the first time this season.

Jordan believes that Jessie and Natalie are trying to be BFF with her and Jeff. Scandalous.

Russell is still working to get Jessie on his side. It’s not working. The response I’m looking for here is “Duh.” Russell’s surprised that Jessie is mad at him for not picking him in veto. He made that move strategically, knowing that it would alienate Jessie from him. It’s hard to feel sorry for this guy who just simply doesn’t get the game.

So then Russell goes to Michele, the girl who he called a nutcase 4 or 5 days before. When Jessie jumps into the conversation, Russell starts swearing and yelling. How unusual.

Chima’s 99.9% sure Jeff has the mystery power, and she intends to create drama directed at him should he use his power to save Russell, a complete wild card who isn’t on anyone’s side but his own.

Having made it to the half way point, the remaining members of the house will either be in the final two or a member of the jury.

Chima does not regret what she’s said about her arch nemesis Russell because he started it.

Does the holder of the mystery power wish to use it? Jeff stands up. He would like to remove Lydia from the block. Natalie goes up in her place. He would also like to take Russell off the block. In his place goes Jessie. Predictable. He’s putting them up because they’ve run the house. They’ve run the house because they’ve outplayed him.

Neither Chima nor Jeff will be allowed to vote. That brings us down to 5 voters, which means that only 3 votes are needed instead of 4.

Lydia: Natalie
Jordan: Jessie
Kevin: Jessie
Michele: Jessie
Russell: Natalie

Interesting that Russell would try to keep Jessie around, and obviously Kevin’s continuing to do as he wants regardless of what his offbeat partner wants. By a vote of 3-2, Jessie has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

With that, now’s the time for my rant of the evening. I haven’t used the R word since a couple weeks before the season started when I called Big Brother All Stars rigged (and it was… HOH do over anyone?), but now’s the time to do so for this season. Love him or hate him (and most people hate him), Jessie played the game, and he played it well. So for him to be taken out by the producers handing a power this great to someone just because they want to keep the fan favorites in the game as long as possible isn’t quite sitting right with me. While this can be blamed on America because it was a public vote, the producers knew it would save the most popular person in the house, which was exactly the goal. If this were the result of a competition, even one that heavily favored one person, it’d be more excuseable, but not when someone becomes HOH for not doing anything at all. Adding insult to insult, Jessie was kicked off Big Brother 10 by America, too.

Rant over for now, back to the show. The HOH competition is based on previous competitions. Chima and Jeff will both be participating in it.

Kevin and Lydia go first. Kevin answers correctly to eliminate Lydia.

Kevin picks Jeff and Russell to go against each other. The interesting thing about this competition is that the players are likely to pick two people who they would like to see eliminated. Russell answers incorrectly and is eliminated.

Jeff picks Chima and Natalie to face off. Chima answers correctly to eliminate Natalie.

Chima picks Jeff and Jordan to go against each other. Jeff answers correctly to eliminate Jordan.

Jeff chooses Kevin and Chima to face off. Has anybody realized Michele is also in the game? Apparently not. Kevin is correct to eliminate Chima.

Michele and Jeff go next. Michele takes a while to answer, but it’s still fast enough to remain in the game. Jeff has been eliminated.

Michele stays up there to go against Kevin for the final round. Michele is correct and wins HOH.

This is quite interesting because Michele is really not on any side. The only remote shot at an alliance she’s formed is her girl power alliance. With Jessie out the door, that makes even more sense now, and it’s a perfect opportunity to target Russell because he hates her and Jeff, who just broke up the other couple, which should lead to a quick elimination of either himself or Jordan.

Natalie thanks everybody who voted for her to stay. Nobody voted for her to stay, though. They just voted to get rid of Jessie. Her staying was a consequence they were willing to live with.

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