US Firefighter Makes Video of Fatal Car Crash

Dayna Kempson-Schacht, 23, died on July 17 when her SUV crossed the central barrier, flipped multiple times and crashed into trees. Dayna, a mother-of-two, died instantly according to the coroner. Dayna‚Äôs parents parents Jeff and Lucretia Kempson are speaking out after Georgia firefighters allegedly filmed their daughter’s deadly wreck with a cell phone instead of pulling her lifeless body from her car. Mom Lucretia said, as ‘there was no urgency to see if she was okay.’

Months after her death Dayna’s parents were emailed the graphic video of the death scene by an ex-brother-in-law, after the footage was posted online.The Spalding County Sheriff’s office says a firefighter took the video on his personal cell phone and shared it with other firefighters.

An unknown firefighter later took the video to a bar and texted it to other patrons. From there, the video spread. The firefighter who filmed the video hasn’t commented.

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