Meghan McCain got some buzz on Sunday by calling Christine O’Donnell a “nut job.” However, Sen John McCain agree with his former running mate Sarah Palin’s assessment that the “GOP is through” if they don’t follow the Tea Party’s lead.

“I think she is right to this degree, that obviously when we gain the majority, when Republicans gain majorities, they betrayed our base typically in the area of fiscal responsibility,” he said.

“And what Sarah’s saying is that we’ve got to get a fiscally responsible majority in Congress of Republicans and act in a fiscally responsible manner,” McCain said.

So what does that mean for the day after the election? How can Republicans work with President Obama without betraying the Tea Party and actually get things done?

“It’s up to the president, as it was up to Bill Clinton when you were in the White House — after the ’94 election, he reached out to Republicans,” the Arizona senator said.

“But the fact is that this president has not reached out, not one time, on a major issue to Republicans. I hope that he will. We look forward to problem solving with him. But we really need to respond to the anger and frustration that the American people feel today.”

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