The Magic of Ordinary Days was a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation based on a novel of the same name by Ann Howard Creel and adapted as a teleplay by Camille Thomasson. It first aired on CBS on January 30, 2005.

Plot : Set in 1944 Colorado, The Magic of Ordinary Days is the story of a young woman, Livy Dune (played by Keri Russell), who became pregnant before marriage. Her father, Rev. Dunne, decided to deal with the situation, by arranging a marriage to a shy farmer through another preacher. The groom, Ray Singleton (played by Skeet Ulrich), lives on a remote farm and is very different than Livy. Ray focuses on what is close to him: his family, his land, today. Livy thinks on a much grander scale: the world, ancient civilizations, far away places.

Ray’s farm utilizes the help of Japanese Americans from a nearby Japanese American internment camp to help work the farm. Livy befriends two well-educated Japanese American women who were working the farm, Flora and Rose (Tania Gunadi and Gwendoline Yeo). She finds comfort and familiarity in their friendship. Livy is polite and civil to her new husband and his sister Martha (Mare Winningham), but she harbors feelings for the father of the baby, a World War II soldier, and feelings of guilt for the pregnancy. Ray, however, is caring, patient, and supportive of Livy, but the fact that she does not want him hurts him deeply. Slowly over time, the two come to understand and love each other, and appreciate that though they are different, neither is better or worse than the other.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how it ended? My daughter recorded it and the tape ran out as Livy was driving the two Japanese girls to New Mexico with the german soldier in the back of the pickup. Thanks. Send reply to

  2. yeah she ends up staying with Ray and they have the baby and live happy ever after on the farm. thats pretty much it.

  3. oh sorry,
    Livy knew that the guy only wanted to be free and didnt love the japanese girl so she dropped the girls off by the side of the road and drove home knowing that if she left the keys in sight of the pow that he would take them and he did and the police got him and arrested him, and then she stayed with Ray and lol know the rest, sorry about the order.


  4. You may watch it on youtube. In search type the magic of ordinary days 1/13, then when it pops up, scroll down about about five or six video boxes. You’ll see “translate” as part of the title. You click on it and there will be Spanish subtitles, but after a few minutes you won’t even notice. You can watch the whole program in 10 minute segments. I must be sick. I’ve watched it 14 times. I LOVE this movie. You MUST see the ending, very touching.

  5. Loretta, I read on the Hallmark site that there will be a sequel to this movie. They are waiting for all the actors to be free at the same time. The script has already been written. I hope it will be like the Sarah, Plain and Tall series. I LOVE this movie, also. That particular era holds so much charm for me.

  6. A sequel, ALRIGHT! I can’t wait. I just loved this movie. I hope the sequel is not sad (i.e a death occurs). I would love to see how this family grows together and how the love between the husband (Ray) and wife (Livy) develop for each other. I love that there’s a bit of mystery to (Ray) the good hearted farmer (it makes him even more attractive). I can’t for the sequel! Great acting.

  7. i also just love this movie and also hope the sequel will not deal with too much saddnes.

  8. I am so happy to hear about the sequel. I can’t wait. I love skeet Ulrich. I hope it will be as sweet as the first.

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