Terry and Rebecca Crews

Actor Terry Crews and his wife say experience will keep them safe from reality TV pitfalls.

Terry and Rebecca Crews faced that possibility and proceeded with their new family reality series for BET.

“As the mom, of course there is a protective instinct, ” said Rebecca Crews, of the new series that debuts Sunday at 8. “I guess the best way for me to address that is that we’re already a show business family. My husband’s an actor. He’s already famous. We have gone to events together. People know our family. We are not strangers to the entertainment business.

“I think a lot of people that come into reality are plucked off the street. They’re not actors. They’re not performers. And they suddenly become famous. I think we’ve had a very different experience than that. My husband’s been a professional actor for about 12 years. We’ve watched him live that experience. We’ve lived it as a family. Putting my children in the public eye certainly was a little scary for me. But I believe we’re close enough and we’re strong enough to withstand whatever pressure might come from that. My husband and I have a very solid marriage. I don’t see us going the route that some other families have gone. And there are some reality families that have done well. Run (Joseph “Run” Simmons, of  MTV’s “Run’s House”)  and his wife are still together. They’re doing great. I think we always look at bad examples and don’t really pay attention to good ones.”

The world also gets to see the Crews family address one of the biggest challenges there can be: Unmarried adult daughter Naomi reveals to her parents on camera that she’s pregnant.

Though the girl and the baby’s father had been together for a few years and are still together, that particular moment, though reality-TV gold, is not one that most dads would cherish sharing with basic-cable viewers.

And BET’s cameras, of course, capture Terry Crews’ unhappy reaction.

“It’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘Thank God there was a camera around, ‘” Terry Crews said. “It’s just real things that happen to a family. And we’re a Christian family. We go to church. We do our thing. But these things happen, and you have to deal. And believe you me, I was not happy at the time. But I think that by doing the show, it’s kind of like a mirror.

“They say that if you’re in a store and they put mirrors everywhere and someone wants to shoplift, if you see yourself doing it, you wouldn’t do it. And it’s one of those things. When you’re always looking at yourself, you go, ‘Man, I need to get better on this. I need to get better at handling this.’ I can say that by doing this show, we improved as a family. I can really say that. We actually got better in dealing with each other, in talking to each other.

“There were times where I know I would have reacted differently, but I learn, by looking at myself, that, ‘OK, that’s needs to be corrected.'”

Source from www.nola.com