Joe Depinto Undercover Boss

Joe DePinto, CEO of 7-Eleven, was featured on Sunday’s episode of CBS’ reality TV series Undercover Boss.

Joe Depinto, 7 eleven CEO disguised himself as one of his company’s coffee shop and bakeshop crew. DePinto wore a beard, put on glasses and donned an orange trainee smock to keep customers and employees unaware of his presence. Who know’s he might have served your coffee.

This is part of a new CBS show titled “Undercover Boss,”. In here he would be working in various roles within his company without letting most of his co-workers know his true identity.

The reality show “Undercover Boss” is as much a challenge to CEOs as it is to employees, by helping executives see the impact of corporate decision-making and by opening their eyes to prized employees who are getting the job done each day.