Hugh Hefner‘s estranged wife is suing the Playboy king, claiming he owes her more than $5 million.

Here’s the spread.  Kimberly Conrad married Hef back in 1989. They had a prenup. Approximately 9 years later they split but never divorced. When they separated, they signed an amendment to the prenup which guaranteed Kimberly a ton of money.

For 10 years, Kimberly has been living in the house next to the Playboy mansion with their two sons. Everything was going swimmingly, until Hef decided to sell the house this year. According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hef allegedly announced he was not going to honor the agreement anymore and she had 9 months to get out of the house.

The money issues are complicated, but the bottom line — Kim says Hef owes her more than $5 mil.