Fall Out Boy has apparently fallen out.

Last year in an interview with Rolling Stone, Pete explained that Fall Out Boy needed a break from each other after performing together since 2001. The bassist confirmed on his Twitter account that the band are currently on hiatus and the break may be permanent.

He wrote: “I don’t know the future of Fall Out Boy. It’s embarrassing to say one thing and then have the future dictate another. As far as I know Fall Out Boy is on (a) break…..” Pete later added: “As much as I don’t have a solo project, I also can’t predict that I’d ever play in Fall Out Boy again.”

Lead vocalist Patrick Stump has also seemingly confirmed the end of Fall Out. In recent statements to Spin, Stump, 25, remarked:

“I’m not in Fall Out Boy right now….But one way or another, the band will always be around. Steven Tyler isn’t in Aerosmith anymore, but his gravestone will probably say something about Aerosmith. Whether we play again or not, I don’t know. If we do, it will be for the right reasons. If we don’t, it will also be for the right reasons.”