Natalie Mendoza, one of the lead actresses who suffered a concussion last month during the Broadway musical’s first preview performance, is leaving.

Though no official statement had been released by Tuesday afternoon, two people who work on the show told the New York Times that Mendoza’s representatives and “Spider-Man” producers have been working out an exit agreement for days.

Mendoza, who played Arachne (the spider villainess created by Julie Taymor for the musical), suffered a concussion Nov. 28 after being hit in the head by a rope holding some equipment. Though she returned three days later, she took another two weeks off after having nausea and a headache following her performance, which consisted of flying sequences where she was spun upside-down.

Mendoza is one of four actors to suffer injuries from the $65 million production, which has seen its opening night pushed back four weeks to Feb. 7. Last week stunt actor Christopher Tierney, a former Hubbard Street Dance Chi­cago member, fell from a platform and suffered skull, rib and vertebrae injuries.