Another Celebrity death rumors, think about the names who regularly pop up as death hoaxes: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift. You can scarcely find bigger names in the music business.

So Justin Bieber can feel just a little bit proud of the fact that the Internet woke up this morning with the rumor that Bieber had passed away.

Like many of these Twitter memes that quickly accelerate into rampant searches for proof, the rumor is entirely untrue. Bieber remains alive. Sure, he’s gone 14 hours without posting to his Twitter (that’s half a lifetime for a guy who updates as often as he does), but at the same time, a dude’s got to sleep. And while he currently doesn’t have another concert scheduled for a while, he still has plenty to do.

His follow-up to his smash debut My World titled My World Part 2 is expected to be released in March, and he probably has a few more fans to contend with the high-profile article about him from Sunday’s New York Times.

As the singer notes on his Twitter page, the “Golden Tickets” that were hidden in copies of My World are still out there, meaning that fans still have the opportunity to win the chance to get a private concert from the 15-year-old Canadian or to appear in a video with him.

Source newsroom.mtv.com

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