If you are wondering, yes, Emmanuel DelCour is Jean Val Jean (pictures above). Emmanuel DelCour on Bravo’s Chef Acadmey is Jean Val Jean, notable film “actor”.

In fact, Emmanuel DelCour background as Jean Val Jean is starting to sound like the same Bravo publicity machine of recent months. Note to Bravo – it’s getting old, very old. Enough is enough.

Bravo is back to the same storyline of “one of our stars has dirt on the net, can you find it”. How many Bravo shows are going to do this?

It seems to have started with Kim Zolciak. Who is Kim’s Big Popa! Can you find his pic online? OMG – Danielle Staub has a secret book about her hidden past! Can you find it online? Gretchen Rossi has compromising pictures online? Wow – really?! Can you find them online?

And now, introducing … Chef Academy’s Emmanuel DelCour. Can you find his ….

…. recipe for roasted duck online with the orange glaze and crumbled peppercorn online?

Yes, that wouldn’t a recipe for publicity success. Jean Val Jean is.

source: lalate.com