Something in the skies over North Philadelphia caught one man’s attention over the holiday weekend.

It may look like a cloud at first. But when you look at the following video shot by Philadelphia resident Hector Garcia over the July 4th, you might think twice about this being a simple mass of floating water particles or vapor.


“As soon as I started recording, it starts to move and come down,” Garcia said. “As I zoomed in on it, it starts to swerve and starts going to the side, and I’m still looking at it and I don’t know what it is. I was shocked.”

Two question comes to mind: First, Why didn’t Garcia immediately take his camera and try to find the location where this object hit the ground after it disappeared behind some nearby buildings?
Second, how was he able to get such a smooth, non-shaky track on this object, unless his camera was already set-up on a tripod before he spotted the object in the sky?

The video has garnered a few hundred views on YouTube. Some think it’s something out of this world while other comments say it’s just some soap suds.