Caroline Raclin became one of the most searched names on Google today, the day of her father’s funeral.

When you search Caroline Raclin in google you are presented with various sites that claim to have information about the young woman – in reality, these dangerous virus/malware sites redirect you to fake antivirus scans that pretend to have found a virus on your computer – when you agree to install a program you get infected with what is most likely a Trojan Horse virus that allows a 3rd party complete control over your computer.

The following websites are confirmed Malware sites and should be avoided at all costs:


The worst part is that these attack sites look completely legitimate and often rank the highest for ‘Caroline Raclin’ and variations of that keyword in search engines.

If you do encounter one of the fake virus pages DO NOT follow the prompts that pop up on your screen – you may be installing malware simply by going through the error messages. Press CTRL Alt Delete and shut down your browser from the Task Manager.