Osama Bin Laden warns the United States of more attacks. The new tape which aired on the Arabic-language news web site Al-Jazeera, says “the United States will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in Palestine.” The tape continues: “It is not fair to enjoy that kind of life while our brothers in Gaza live in the worst of miseries.” In another section, the voice says: “God willing our attacks will continue as long as you support the Israelis and may peace be on those who follow guidance.” Osama Bin Laden also claims he responsible for the foiled attack on Delta flight 253 in December.

Sunday’s message would be bin Laden’s first in seven months. In 2009, he had six messages. The last one, on September 25, was “to the European people.”

“Today Europe is suffering an economic crisis, and its export reputation doesn’t hold true anymore, while America is bleeding economically because of all the wars it is involved in,” his last message said. “Think about how Europe will fare when America pulls out of Afghanistan. You will be left to suffer alone the rage of the people you oppressed.”

According to inteliigence experts, Bin Laden is thought to be hiding in the Pakistan-Afghanistan mountain region.