Avi Ben Stella Car Crash: Hoax?

The Avi Ben Stella car crash story appears to have finally gone properly viral.

Essentially, people are getting an email, or a Facebook request (and any other of the various forms of social media request) to simply change their status for one hour in order to ask for prayers for Avi Ben Stella, a 12 year old child who is now in a coma after being seriously injured in a car crash.

You can see the current status of this at Snopes, here.

No one is as yet quite sure: is there an Avi Ben Stella, was someone of that name in a car crash? Or is it simply a joke of some kind, although as yet the punchline is undelivered?

My supposition is that this is a joke, a game, of some sort. For one of the terms that has been replicating across the internet is “Avi Ben Stella Snopes”…..and where would you go to try and find out the truth of an online rumor? Yes, Snopes.

But if the search engines are thoroughly polluted with that serach term, you’re most unlikely to find the Snopes entry, are you? You can only get there by using the engine on Snopes’ own site.

So I would write this off as a joke, a game: if anyone knows differently please do contact me in the comments.