They’re back!

Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunited for a Burger King commercial featuring the fast-food joint’s new menu item, cheesy tater tots, which debuted on Tuesday, November 29.

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite)
After what many call his breakout role in “Napoleon Dynamite,” Heder has starred in comedies like “The Benchwarmers” and “Blades of Glory.” And who could forget the “Napoleon Dynamite” TV series? He just finished filming a short titled “When Jef Tried to Save the World.”

Efren Ramirez (Pedro)
The audience favorite has had a good career since “Napoleon Dynamite” — he’s starred on TV shows like “Scrubs” and “Eastbound & Down” as well as in movies like “Employee of the Month.” He has six projects lined up, which will be released within the next year.

They will be appear in the 30 second commercial advertising the fast food chain’s ‘Cheesy Tots‘. Heder and Ramirez look all grown up with sweaters and facial hair, compared to their 2004 alter egos in the cult classic, as they enjoy a meal together at one of the chain’s many locations.

“Whoa. Are those cheesy tots?” Heder-as-Napoleon says in the TV spot as Ramirez-as-Pedro is about to bite into a crispy delight. “Yeah,” Pedro responds.

“Are those good?” Napoleon asks, keeping Pedro from the satisfying crunch. “Yeah,” Pedro responds again, getting annoyed.

“Can I have one?” Napoleon asks. “Sure,” Pedro says before Napoleon reaches over and scoops an entire handful of the fried goodies. He adds insult to injury by snatching the lone tot Pedro had raised to his lips and munching on that one first.

Cheesy Tots‘ made a brief return in 2013 for a limited run, before once again disappearing from the burger chain.

Watch the ad: