Voting Locations by Zip Code : It’s time to vote!  So the question is “where do I vote?” You need to lose sleep over this as many sites have added pages on their sites which will help you finding voting locations by zip code and by street address. Useful websites like the DNC’s Raise Your Vote can help you in locating your polling stations for today’s elections.

Although finding your polling stations is easy, knowing who to vote for is a tough task. Ruling Democrats are at the backfoot and it is expected that Republicans would gain seats in today’s election but you don’t need to think too much about this while going to the polling station. The Democratic National Committee and Google have come up with new projects to make it easier for voters to find their assigned voting locations by zip code and by street address.

Google has launched new project called Election Center that drops a pin on both your address and the polling station where you are supposed to cast your mandate. The Election Center is a Google Labs project that starts by recognizing the state you are in. You need to put your specific address to determine your polling station. The Democratic National Committee has named their polling locator Raise Your Vote. This site needs your address and zip code to display your assigned polling station. The site also shows the best route to get there from your home.

Please visit Googlelabs’ Election Center at

Voters who encounter any problems of any kind today are urged to call 1-866-OUR VOTE, or post a complaint online, or with tweet questions or concerns. Some 2,000 legal volunteers are on hand to resolve issues, and a live tally of incoming calls can be seen at the website.

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