Tiger Woods finally spoke. It had been something we all expected would happen before it did, but there he was, in front of a camera, blazer and purple shirt, speaking of transgressions and remorse and things that aren’t related to the little white ball he so fantastically flies through the air.

Tiger gave us what appeared to be a previously outlined statement from his abundant PR team, and when he was done, pleading for people to “believe in me again” we were all left with the news that Tiger is very, very sorry for what he did.

Tiger’s mom, Tim Finchem and fellow PGA Tour player and former Stanford teammate Notah Begay III were in attendance, but Elin was not. That didn’t stop Tiger from speaking about her most of the time.

Tiger admitted during the press conference that he is the only one to blame, and vehemently denied any domestic violence from wife Elin on Thanksgiving night. He also apologized to his family, friends and fans, and said he thought he played by different rules because of money and fame, but agrees that was wrong.

Tiger admitted “he has a long way to go,” but he is taking steps in the right direction, and said that no matter what people want to know about his marriage, it is going to stay within the family. “Please leave my wife and kids alone,” Tiger stated.

As for golf, Tiger said that he will return to golf one day, he just doesn’t know when that day will be. He also didn’t rule out it being in 2010, but no date was promised.

All in all it was the press conference we expected. Preempted, selective, and in typical Tiger fashion, guarded. Nobody will ever know if Tiger has changed, but it sure sounds like he meant it.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Finally Speaks”
  1. I appreciate owning up everything by Tiger Woods, except for the situation related to his car accident. What else does the media want besides criticising the method in which he presented himself. Media just wants him to kneel and touch their feet. For heavens sake rise beyond petty thinking and enable the person to live his own family life.

  2. Media reports that Tiger Woods is working with his swing coach Hank Haney have leading golfers talking of a possible return to action for the world number one. Let’s wish him good luck 😉

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