Manpower’s quarterly global employment outlook survey offers a rough, macro look at new job creation around the world. The staffing firm surveyed 64,000 human resource directors and senior hiring managers from public and private companies to come up with its list. Manpower asked the executives about their employment expectations and subtracted the percentage who said they expected to decrease their employment rolls in the first quarter of 2011 from the percentage who said they expected to increase them, to arrive at a “net employment outlook” for each country it surveyed. All the numbers are seasonally adjusted, except for Brazil and Turkey, which haven’t been included in the survey for long enough to make those calculations. Here are the top 10 countries in net employment outlook for the first quarter of 2011.

1. India

Net employment outlook: 42%

Change from fourth quarter: +3%

2. China

Net employment outlook: 40%

Change from fourth quarter: -2%

3. Taiwan

Net employment outlook: 37%

Change from fourth quarter: -2%

4. Brazil

Net employment outlook: 36% *

Change from fourth quarter: -1%*

*Not seasonally adjusted

5. Turkey

Net employment outlook: 27%*

(Not surveyed last quarter)

*Not seasonally adjusted

6. Singapore

Net employment outlook: 26%

Change from fourth quarter: +4%

7. Peru

Net employment outlook: 22%

Change from fourth quarter: 0%

8. Australia, Hong Kong (tied)

Net employment outlook: 21%

Australia’s change from fourth quarter: +1%

Hong Kong’s change from fourth quarter: +4%

9. Costa Rica

Net employment outlook: 19%

Change from fourth quarter: -2%

10. Argentina

Net employment outlook: 18%

Change from fourth quarter: +1%

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