Back on A&E freaking people out, those witnessing in person or watching at home, Criss is back for a 5 part series dubbed as “The 5 Lives of Criss Angel.”

Made famous by his levitation, walking on water, and cutting people – and himself – in half, Criss appears set to leave everyone in awe again.

Starting this Wednesday, “White Death” will show Criss buried alive, under ice, in Mammoth Mountain in California.

The following show, “Death Field” will see Criss head to Edwards Air Force base in California to traverse through a field of live explosives where serious injury or death are only a misstep away.  The third show, “Mass Levitation”, has him levitate an entire Las Vegas crowd.

“Terminal Velocity” the 4th ouf of the 5 shows, has Criss teleport himself, dissapearing and reappearing, in one continuous camera shot, from 248 up in the air, down to ground level to catch a falling object before it hits the ground.

Finally, “Death Crash” has Angel hiding inside on of 5 upright wooden coffins, which are equipped with cameras inside.  A speeding car is then to smash into one coffin at a time, chosen by the audience whose unaware of the one coffin Criss chose, hoping to avoid hitting Criss.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Criss in action, this would be a good chance to check him out.  He’s quite the entertainer.

A&E will air a Criss Angel marathon Wednesday, Aug. 12, starting at 8 AM.  At 10 pm, Part 1 of the new television event will air, “White Death.”