NAPERVILLE, Ill. – Several students at a suburban Chicago high school who became sick after eating gummy bears laced with an unknown substance have been hospitalized. “This candy made those students both uncomfortable and sick,” according to a statement from the Naperville School District.

Fourteen students were taken to Edward Hospital for treatment. At least 12 of the students had eaten the gummy bears, said the school district in a Facebook post.

By the afternoon, most of the students had been released from the hospital with two remaining for further evaluation.

School officials said the students felt uncomfortable after ingesting gummy bears laced with an unknown substance. Some of their symptoms included fast heart rates, dizziness and dry mouth.

“In talking to some of affected individuals, they believed these gummy bears to be laced with something like a liquid marijuana-based substance. We have not confirmed that. This is simply what we are being told by some of the patients,” Commander Jason Arres, Naperville Police Department.

“It’s difficult to make judgement about what’s actually going on when there’s so many different rumors, but it’s scary to see all the kids going to the hospital,” said Lily, a student at Naperville North.

Naperville Police Commander Jason Arres says students told officers they think the candy was laced with some kind of “liquid-based marijuana substance” but that authorities are testing the candy.

Naperville Community Unit School District 203 encouraged parents to talk to their kids about making healthy choices. They will also have social workers at Naperville North Wednesday to reinforce that message.

Police say a 17-year-old was taken into custody for his involvement in the incident but police haven’t elaborated on what the student may have done.