President-elect Donald Trump, the real estate businessman and political novice whose election campaign made the entire world take notice, has been selected as TIME’s 2016 Person of the Year.

The cover story unveiled Wednesday marks the 90th Person of the Year designation by Time.

“It’s hard to argue that anyone had more influence over the events of this year than Donald Trump,” Nancy Gibbs, managing editor of Time, said in announcing Trump’s selection. She also noted the fact that the country continues to roil over “a profound argument about whether his influence was for the better or for the worse.”

He was chosen by TIME from a shortlist that also included Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Simone Biles, Beyoncé Knowles and Mark Zuckerberg, and given the tagline ‘President of the Divided States of America’.

“To be on the cover of Time as Person of the Year is a tremendous honor,” Trump told Matt Lauer in an interview after the reveal.

The president-elect did however take issue with the magazine’s choice to refer to him as “President of the Divided States of America.”

“When you say ‘divided states of America,’ I didn’t divide them,” Trump said. “They’re divided now, there’s a lot of division. And we’re going to put it back together.”

This will be Trump’s 10th time on the magazine’s cover, and all but one have been since August 2015. His first appearance on TIME was in 1989.