Sammi and Ronnie Jersey Shore: Still Together?


Well, that Jersey Shore reunion went pretty much as expected. The Situation talked about how awesome he was, Pauly D looked orange, and Sammi and Ronnie broke up.

But are Ronnie and Sammi still together? During the Jersey Shore reunion, which aired after the Jersey Shore finale, Ronnie and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ had a fight after producers aired some unaired footage of Sammi talking to Mike ‘The Situation.’On unaired footage, Sammi had an intimate conversation about how she flirted with a cop at a bar.While Ronnie was incensed by the Jersey Shore unaired footage and said his relationship with Sammi was over.

So did Ronnie and Sammi break up or are they still together? According a January 7 article in People Magazine, Sammi and Ronnie are still together. However, the Jersey Shore reunion was likely filmed after the initial People article. When was the Jersey Shore Reunion filmed? Stay tune for updates.

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