Rothbury Festival 2010 Cancelled – official website of Rothbury Festival confirmed that The Rothbury Festival for the this year has been cancelled . The festival is postponed for 2010 and they hope to return in 2011.

Rothbury started in 2008. It is an environmentally conscious music festival in Rothbury, Michigan at the Double JJ Ranch. Rothbury is known for its unconventional music approach and progressive use of sustainable technologies. It is held during the US Independence Day in July. In Rothbury 2009, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson were among the invited musicians.

The exact numbers of attendees were never announced, but Michigan State official estimated that 35,000 people attended Rothbury in 2009.

According to the Rothbury site:

During the past three years, all of us involved with ROTHBURY have greatly appreciated the tremendous outpouring of support for the future of the festival. For 2010, we have had to make the tough decision to postpone our efforts. A contributing factor in our decision is that, due to various artists’ recording and touring schedules, we now believe that timing will not allow for us to assemble the cutting edge roster that everyone has come to expect from ROTHBURY. The result for this year is that we are not able to move forward with the integrity and high standards that we demand from ourselves and for the festival.

Despite the 2010 postponement, we intend to move toward continuing ROTHBURY in 2011. This event is something very special, and we are unwilling to potentially tarnish what ROTHBURY is, and can become, by working under conditions that will produce anything less than a magical experience.

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