Nexus One: Rumored January 2010

It’s just about confirmed now: Google will sell its own phone, built by HTC and named the Nexus One.

It will sell the Google Phone online and unlocked, so you’ll need to buy your cellular service separately. The entire user experience is designed by GoogleGoogleGoogle, according to the WSJ. It may resemble the HTC Passion, pictured.

Here are the details so far:

– Software: AndroidAndroidAndroid 2.1

– Hardware: HTC

– Specs (according to Jason Howell): Capactive touch screen, on screen keyboard only, thin, scroll ball, and animated desktop wallpaper

– Launch date: Rumored January 2010

– Tweets describe it as “an iPhone on beautifying steroids.”

– Google designed the entire user experience

– Google will sell the phone online, unlocked

– Google is “dogfooding” the Google Phone and has given it to employees all over the world to test it.

Will you have interest in buying a Nexus One? Let us know in the comments.