Macomb Shooting: Five Hostages were Released

There was a shooting at Macomb. It is about 230 miles southwest of Chicago, and about 100 miles outside of Davenport, Iowa.

According to TriĀ  States Public Radio, Macomb Police were called about 12:45 p.m. to reports of shots fired at a Farm King store at 1620 E.

They were fired by a gunman with a semi-automatic weapon. According to the Associated Press, hostages included two men, two women and a boy who appeared to be about seven or eight years old were released.

Nearby Western Illinois University released the following statement:

The WIU-Macomb campus remains open. Western students, faculty and staff are asked to avoid East Jackson Street. Police continue to remain on the scene and the area has been closed to traffic. Western’s Emergency Alert System (WEAS) has been activated so individuals are aware of the situation.

Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE – The body of the shooter was found by a robot police sent in looking for the suspect. The shooter has been indentified as 19 year old Jonathan Labbe of Tennessee Illinois.

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