Why bother with the bun? That’s the premise of KFC’s latest offering — the Double Down — a sandwich that replaces the traditional bun with two Original Recipe chicken fillets.

“It’s such a meaty chicken sandwich, there’s no room for a bun,” Rick Maynard, a KFC spokesman told Slashfood.

But the sandwich — currently being tested in Omaha, Neb., and Providence, R.I. — has some wondering if the Colonel has gone too far.

Newspapers like the Hartford Courant called the appearance of the Double Down a “complete 180” for the chain, and the Vancouver Sun estimated that the sandwich — two chicken fillets sandwiching Swiss and pepper jack cheeses, bacon and “the Colonel’s sauce” — weighs in at 1,228 calories.

Maynard told Slashfood that KFC estimates the sandwich’s caloric count at “just under 600,” though the final nutritional data is not in.

Earlier this year, the chain unveiled a healthier dining option — Kentucky Grilled Chicken — under the Unthink ad campaign. But KFC uses the same Unthink logo in a Double Down TV advertisement, where a man exclaims “there should be more chicken in a chicken sandwich!”

The price of the sandwich varies but in Omaha, one foodie found it selling for $4.99, with combos — including fries and soda pop — going for $6.99.