Julie Postle is the latest of those that have claimed to be a mistress of Tiger Woods, the once squeaky clean PGA golfer that has now had a bevy of women (its somewhere around a baker’s dozen right now) that have been linked to claims of affairs with Woods by one measure or another.

According to Fox News, this time it Julie Postle’s ex boyfriend that is the source for the information.  He is named as Brian Kimbrough in the New York Post newspaper and he claims Tiger ounced on his gal.

The Examiner has a slideshow of the women here, they have the number at around 15 or 16 as they try and add up the sexy gals coming foward and the others that are being tattled on by their exes.  Tiger finally admitted to the “infidelity” on Friday, and is taking an “indefinite break” from golf to save his marriage.

According to Fox, Her ex-boyfriend said Postle and Woods hooked up several times, before and after Woods was married. Postle’s lawyer had no comment, the network notes in a report.

source: nationalledger.com