The 2009 NFL Playoff scenarios are becoming more clear, but the 2009 NFL Playoff scenarios for the AFC paint a messy picture. The NFC Playoff scenarios are pretty succinct now, with Dallas winning and clinching a NFL Playoff spot Sunday night. Now all that’s left to be decided in the NFC Playoff scenario are the seeds, with some things still up for chance in the final NFC Playoff picture.

Current NFC Playoff Picture

1. New Orleans (13-2)
2. Minnesota (11-3)
3. Philadelphia (11-4)
4. Arizona (10-5)
5. Green Bay (10-5)
6. Dallas (10-5)

What this means is that if Minnesota wins their final two games, and New Orleans loses against Carolina that Minnesota could take the #1 seed. The wild card teams could also be shuffled around, with Philadelphia also having a shot at taking the #2 seed if Minnesota loses their last two and Philadelphia can beat Dallas in week 17. Lots of things could shuffle around, but those are the six teams that have clinched a NFC Playoff spot.

Over in the AFC Playoff scenarios things are not even close to being settled. Indianapolis has clinched the #1 seed and San Diego has clinched the #2 seed, but beyond that there is still a lot up in the air. The #3 and #4 seeds will be New England and Cincinnati as the divisional winners, but they are both 10-5, so that makes their week 17 games very important. Right now New England holds the tie-breaker if they finish the season tied.

In the AFC Playoff scenarios for the wild card slots things get really messy. Even though Denver and New York hold the wild card slots right now, Baltimore can still catch the Broncos with a week 17 win. With five 8-7 teams let in the AFC battling for the two spots, it could be very tricky for the teams to control their own destiny’s. Under further review it is New York and Baltimore that hold their own destiny’s and if they win out they will secure those two wild card slots.

Current AFC Playoff Scenario

1. Indianapolis (14-1)
2. San Diego (12-3)
3. New England (10-5)
4. Cincinnati (10-5)
5. Denver (8-7)
6. New York Jets (8-7)
7. Baltimore (8-7)
8. Houston (8-7)
9. Pittsburgh (8-7)