Today, at 6:00 p.m. ET, the El Dorado Sheriff’s Department held a live press conference to discuss the return of Jaycee Dugard. You may view the Jaycee Dugard Press Conference in the video player below. Jaycee was kidnapped by Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy Garrido when she was 11 years old. Since that fateful day, on June 10, 1991, Jaycee Dugard lived in a secret backyard area. Police have described her living arrangement as a ‘backyard within a backyard.’ There, she was held as a sex slave and bore two children with Phillip Garrido.

Meanwhile, Garrido maintained a reputation as a highly eccentric, religious man who held ‘tent revivals’ from his backyard. Neighbors found him to be strange, while many expressed their shock; they acknowledged that his behavior had always been odd. For instance, the bars on his windows, and the two girls who never left the home: that is, never left their backyard dwellings.

Defense attorneys have stated that they wouldn’t touch this case with a ten-foot pole, specifically since Garrido has fathered the children, and if verified and proved through DNA testing, there will be no defense for Garrido. The children are all the evidence any prosecutor will need to seal his or her case. Additionally, Phillip Garrido’s wife, Nancy Garrido stood by her husband the entire time.

Today, authorities have searched the home on 1554 Walnut Ave in Antioch, California uncovering clues that will seal their case against Phillip and Nancy Garrido and help reveal the past that Jaycee Lee Dugard experienced.

One question that hangs over this case like a foreboding shadow is that Phillip Garrido was a sex offender. Not only was he a sex offender, but he was a registered one. Authorities knew where he was, knew where his home was, and had been to his home on several occasions. At no time, did they ever find anything out of the ordinary, such as a kidnapped child giving birth to two children who were continually in the presence of a registered sex offender.

Jaycee Lee Dugard has a long road ahead of her. She will need a tremendous amount of love, patience, support, and counseling to get past the ordeal she has endured. Her story is remarkably similar to that of Elizabeth Smart’s. Both girls were similar in physical appearance, kidnapped by men who operated under religious delusions, and both men had women supporting them in their abuse of young girls. However, Elizabeth Smart was freed from her captive long before Jaycee Lee Dugard was. At this point, it is imperative that the media and the public holds back any judgment on Jaycee, and recognizes that she is a victim. She was 11 years old when she was kidnapped. There is no time or place to ask why she didn’t come home sooner. Let’s just rejoice that she and her children are finally free, and pray for her complete healing and restoration to begin.