Crooked Jaw Clothing was one of the companies pitched on tonight’s episode of Shark Tank and they didn’t fare too well.

First, a bit about Crooked Jaw:

Crooked Jaw Clothing is owned and operated by 3 partners, one of which launched a clothing line with a Mixed Marshall Arts theme. The name stems from that founder getting his jaw broke while playing lacrosse.

The company was on Shark Tank looking to raise $200,000 in funding with the investors getting a 20% stake in the company, which would give it a paper valuation of about $1mil. Daymond John, the Shark with the most experience in retail clothing was not too impressed with the partner’s pitch or brand, saying that the brand needs legs.

The company has already sold about 1,500 pieces of clothing and has gross sales of only $5,000 so far, leading the rest of the Sharks to shun it like a hot potato.

My opinion is that if marketed properly, the Crooked Jaw Clothing brand just might take off. The name is catchy, there’s a story of toughness behind the brand and name and the clothing fits the image very well. It may never be a huge department store brand but with persistence, it could certainly carve out a niche, especially with the extreme sports crowd, bikers or just the rebelious crowd in general.