Well I normally don’t do spoilers, but I did catch the few spoilers about Chima on Friday and Saturday.  However, since then I have gone back to staying away from spoilers and even when my friend told me something unbelievable happened, I said I didn’t want to know what it was until the show.  This is certainly one episode I was looking forward to!

After Jeff used his mystery power on Thursday, Jordan was shocked and Russell was relieved beyond belief.  Chima was more than ticked and says she contained herself even though she really wanted to wring his neck.  Chima told Jeff he was being power hungry and he’s disloyal even though he never made any alliances with her, Jessie and Natalie.  Chima wouldn’t stop running her mouth, and Jeff told her she doesn’t control anything.  Jeff explained that he had to do it or else he’d be eliminated next.

When Jessie was evicted Natalie cried saying that the others were ugly and the bad and Jessie was the good.  Umm, hello!  It’s a game and if Jessie wasn’t tossed out you would have been cutting them off one by one!  Kevin was happy to see Jessie go, especially since Jessie dissed him on the way out the door.  Don’t these people realize it is a game and someone has to go home?  Jeff tried to tell them it’s a game and they can’t cry just because they lost the power.  Did they think they could just run the whole game until the end?

When Michele won HOH she was excited but didn’t know what she was getting herself into.  Chima was somewhat happy that Michele won but worried since Michele isn’t on their side 100%.  Kevin said Michele winning just leaves a ? over everyone’s head because no one knows where her head is at.  Michele spent some time with Russell, Jeff and Jordan and she liked that Jeff was willing to make the bold move to protect his allies.  Could Jeff be someone Michele will trust?  Jeff said Jessie was headed straight to the final 4 and by getting rid of him he opened it up so anyone can win.

Chima, Natalie, Lydia and Kevin were having a “pity party” and Jeff was happy about that.  It’s their turn to be sad that someone left!  Chima started crying when she found out Russell might be friends with Michele.  Jeff thought it was funny watching them all kiss butt to Michele when she showed off her HOH room.  Russell and Jeff made a deal that he would save Jeff with the POV even if they are both on the block together.  Jeff said he doesn’t think they are going up, but Michele could get him now if she wanted to and he can’t do much about it.

Russell went up to befriend Michele thinking him, Jordan and Jeff can team up with her.  She listed off the reasons she was upset with him and he apologized for it.  They seem to have made an understanding but Michele is keeping her eye on him.  The Jessie clan pulled out Jessie’s wine bottle to have a memorial to him.  Jeff, Russell and Jordan were outside saying “Dude the guy’s alive!  Relax!” since the others were acting like Jessie was a saint who just died.  I have NEVER seen a more pathetic scene on any Big Brother season and even their best friend Kevin was annoyed with it.

Please girls, the guy was an idiot!  Chima do you not remember that Jessie nominated you?  Lydia do you not remember that Jessie voted to evict you from this game? And Natalie did you just not see Jessie get upset at me for keeping you in this game?  Why are you crying over him???  …. Kevin in the Diary Room

Maybe Kevin will flip sides after seeing how stupid his alliance is!  Michele joined Jeff and clan outside and this is the sane side of the house for sure!  Michele pointed out that she was sad when her friends left but it wasn’t the end of the world!

Michele said Chima needs to go home, without even needing Jeff and Russell’s input!  YAY!  Michele said the only thing she’s not sure of is who to put as the pawn.  In the Have/Have Not competition, the players had to pair up and it ended up being Jeff and Jordan, Michele and Russell, Natalie and Chima and Lydia and Kevin.  The competition would be all of them working together to earn the food for the week.  They had to slide into a goopy pool, then taste various casseroles to find the one that had specific ingredients.  Chima and Natalie were far from excited to compete, and it’s most likely due to the things we’ve heard in gossip already!  She’s a poor loser for sure.  After the game was over, the house ended up winning food for 6 out of 7 days of the week.  In addition they won a BBQ Grill, and hot showers.

So far nothing too exciting… geez Big Brother, show us the good stuff!  Natalie asked Michele what she’s thinking and she said she’s choosing between 4 people to put up.  Natalie told her that Michele can’t possibly forgive Russell after the way he talked to her.  But smarty Michele responded that no one in the house is clean and there are many guilty parties in the house.  Chima came up next and Michele told her she wouldn’t be nominated but neither would Russell.  Chima said that if Michele keeps Russell in this house, that he will come after Michele next.

After much thinking, Michele finally did her nominations after saying they have all made mistakes, they have all lied, etc etc, and that it’s a game that they shouldn’t take personally.  When both Jordan and Jeff were saved first, Lydia rolled her eyes.  When Russell was safe, Chima got an instant attitude.  Chima and Natalie were left on the block.  Michele said Chima was strong and would make it far if she stayed, and she knows Chima wouldn’t take her to the final two.

I guess this episode won’t reveal any of the secrets yet!  Screw Big Brother!  They aren’t planning to tell us until Tuesday.  BOOOOOOOOOOO

Next Episode: Tuesday 9/87c

I have a very busy Monday and Tuesday, so I guess I will stay away from the gossip and find out Tuesday whatever the newest gossip is.  I don’t know why Big Brother doesn’t show it when they know that the gossip is already spreading all over 🙁

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