According to the National Enquirer (Aug 6, 2007), Barry Manilow underwent a facelift in 1995, another facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty in 2003, and an additional facelift in 2006, as well as regular Botox injections. His brows and eyelids look very similar.

His cheeks, however, are quite a bit fuller now, possibly signifying overdone fat grafting, cheek implants, or both. His skin is unnaturally taut for a 61 year old man, a sign of the previously mentioned facelifts with possible chemical peels or laser treatments.

Barry Manilow plastic surgery became one of bad surgeries. Proof of what three facelifts and plenty of botox can do to a seemingly normal face! It’s too bad that his lovely voice can do little to divert our attention from that mess of a face. Some news reported that Barry Manilow is a gay. Is Barry Manilow Homosexual? In fact, Barry Manilow married his high school sweetheart, Susan. The marriage lasted about a year and the experience was so emotionally shattering for Barry that he has never re-married.

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