A stunning story is developing around the revelation that secret Stallone tapes were used to engineer a massive payout from Sylvester Stallone to his half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti years ago.

Filiti accused her half-brother Sylvester Stallone of significant physical abuse. They came to an agreement whereby Stallone would pay Filiti over $2 million plus $16,666.66 each month for the rest of her life. The agreement allegedly also included $50,000 per year for medical and psychiatric bills. The settlement was made in 1987, and the NY Post says they have confidential settlement documents indicating that six cassette tapes related to the accusations were destroyed upon the deal being signed.

Despite the news of the secret Stallone tapes and confidential documents, Sylvester and Toni-Ann’s mother Jackie Stallone says that there was no abuse and it was all a blackmail scheme by Toni-Ann. She says it was a shakedown by a drug addict desperate for cash, and Sylvester caved in to make things go away.

Radar Online shares that Toni-Ann Filiti died of lung cancer last August. They note that Jackie says Sylvester agreed to the deal because his career was hot and his lawyers recommended he give Toni-Ann something to make her stop her allegations.