Similac Formula Recall 2010

Similac Formula Recall 2010, Abbott Laboratories manufacturer of baby milk products, has announced it is voluntarily recalling baby formula Similac. The recall is only possible in a few countries including Puerto Rico, Guam and the United States.

It is unclear whether the memory also affects Similac liquid formula. However, Bryson York Emily reported that the liquid form of the same brand is not affected.

According to reports, the possible contamination of a common beetle can be the reason behind the action. reported that the beetles were found in the area of production of the company of one of its production facilities.

There is no immediate risk to the health of babies have been fed the Similac formula recalled. Yet some children may experience gastrointestinal distress. Some children may refuse to eat the product recalled.

Although most parents are still having a hard time getting through to the Similac recall line to figure out which lot numbers of Similac formula have been recalled, their new Similac Product Substitution page suggests that certain lots of these formulas may be affected by the Similac Recall:

* Similac Advance – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Advance EarlyShield – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Sensitive – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Isomil Advance – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Sensitive Isomil Soy – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Organic – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Organic and Similac Advance Organic – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Sensitive R.S. – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Sensitive for Spit-Up – 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb
* Similac Go & Grow – 1.38-lb
* Similac Go & Grow EarlyShield – 1.38-lb
* Similac Go & Grow Soy – 1.38-lb

If you have recalled Similac formula, stop using it and return it to the store that you bought it from for a refund. You could also return the recalled formula directly to Abbott for a refund, but you can expect a four to six week wait for reimbursement.