School Board Shooting Full Video

The Bay District School Board regularly uses a staionary video camera in their meetings. The whole series of events that took place were captured on film. Clay Duke, an ex-convict, interrupts the meeting. He had spray painted a letter “V” for vendetta on the wall with red paint, then pulled out a handgun. He was ranting about the school board firing his wife from her job. The entire ordeal lasted several minutes long.

School board members tried talking to Clay Duke, to persuade him to give it up. Duke ordered Ginger Littleton, a board member to leave the room. She refused and attempted to knock the gun out of his hand with her purse. He then knocked her to the ground, but did not kill her.

The superintendent, Bill Husfelt, tried talking to Clay to get him to stop. Clay made it clear that he had planned to die that day. Husfelt was thought to be the man responsible for the firing of Duke’s wife. Duke then fired a round off at Husfelt but missed.

Shortly after the shot being fired, a security guard comes into the room. The guard shot Duke in the leg, then Duke shot himself in the head, ending his own life.

The video doesn’t show the ending where Duke uses a bullet on himself after being wounded by an officer.

But his anti-Christian symbol has sent “V for Vendetta” movie searches up today.

Admittedly, this writer has never seen the movie that obviously influenced the school board shooter in some major way, but researching my knee-jerk reaction that the V with a circle around it looked like a Satanic symbol, I found these charges on Wikipedia:

“In the United States, a few Christian right groups attacked the film for its portrayal of Christianity and sympathetic portrayal of rebellion,” writes the site.

“Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, called V for Vendetta “a vile, pro-terrorist piece of neo-Marxist, left-wing propaganda filled with radical sexual politics and nasty attacks on religion and Christianity”. Don Feder, a conservative columnist, has called V for Vendetta “the most explicitly anti-Christian movie to date” that “combines all of the celluloid left’s paranoid fantasies”.

Film critic Richard Roeper dismissed these sentiments on the television show Ebert and Roeper, saying that V’s terrorist label is applied in the movie “by someone who’s essentially Hitler, a dictator.”Others have argued that the movie was not Anti-christian, but showed what happens when a government is either too close to a religious organization, in this case the Anglican church.”

So the school board shooter is dead, all over claims that his wife was fired and regarding rants against taxes and being broke and the like.

But life doesn’t end there.

If anything can come from watching the violent video of the Panama City school board shooting, Christians can only pray that those taking movies like “V for Vendetta” to heart can lay aside all the Pharisee-like mess that the church can sometimes embody, and give a good read to 23 Minutes In Hell instead.