Remember Alex Brown Foundation, a nonprofit organized after 17-year-old Alexandra Brown rolled her pickup truck and died on her way to school. She was texting and driving. After being alerted that her daughter hadn’t made it to school, Alex’s mother Jeannie drove out to find the wreck of the truck. “Although no other vehicles were involved, Alex was not alone,” she writes on the Foundation’s official website. “The cell phone on which she had sent and receive over 10,000 text messages in the weeks preceding her accident was with her.”

The Browns decided to start the Remember Alex Brown Foundation the day she died. “I chose to do it that day at the hospital,” her father says. “We have to put the [wrecked] truck on a trailer and we have to go to schools and tell people about the dangers of texting and driving.”

Emma Roberts and Justin Bieber will appear on ABC Sunday’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in honor of the Remember Alex Brown Foundation.

Tune in on February 13, 2011 to KOCO 5 in Oklahoma City at 7 p.m. to catch the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It will feature the Hurston Family. There will not be a new episode next week because of the Super Bowl.