As a console’s life cycle wears on and the cost of production is drastically reduced, new models are released. This can sometimes mean small changes in the hardware or, as in the case of the slimline PS2, a dramatic redesign for the system.

Over a year ago, someone made a mock-up of a smaller version of the PS3. While this was obviously a hoax, the possibility of a PS3 redesign is becoming a reality.

In May of this year, alleged PS3 slim photos were released and the gaming community expected to hear something regarding a redesign from Sony. E3 came and went and no PS3 slim was announced. Many believed that Sony was waiting until closer to the holiday season to release the new PS3 along with a hefty price drop.

Now, more and more rumors are appearing all over the place, from stores clearing their PS3 stock in order to make room for the new sku to retailer-specific price drops to Sony announcing the new PS3 on August 18that the Gamescom expo in Germany. These rumors are coupled with some interesting information released by Sony such as the fact that PS3 production costs are down 70%. A slimmer, more efficient console would be a perfect reason for this. With so many sources hinting at the redesign, it’s hard not to believe that it will happen; the new concern is when?

More photos were recently found featuring a different design.

There’s no way of knowing if any of the leaked photos or rumors are true, but we can all hope to hear something from sony on the 18th!