Pixar Cars 2 Review

Five years after their first spin around the track, the animated autos of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” will be racing back into theaters.

The original movie was Pixar’s seventh consecutive hit, earning over $460 million at the worldwide box office and more impressively, over $5 billion in merchandising. It also earned two Oscar nominations was awarded the first Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature.

By the looks of the new trailer for “Cars 2,” however, the sequel is going to be big. Global, even. Lightning McQueen and Mater the tow truck both voiced again by Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy are embarking in a world tour through Europe and Japan, and they get caught up in some international intrigue along the way.

they are joined in their adventure by a new car on the scene, British superspy Finn McMissile. The design of Finn McMissile, the secret agent who mistakes Mater for a fellow operative, is inspired by the ultimate spy car, James Bond’s silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5.

Besides Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy, it has not yet been announced who in the cast from the original film will return for the sequel. It’s also unclear if the characters voiced by Paul Newman and George Carlin, both of whom passed away since “Cars” was released in 2006 might appear with different actors playing the parts.