The version 1.7 brings a bunch of new features, namely support for the iPad. The iPad version has elements specific for the larger display, such as its own menus and a side-by-side map view of upcoming turns. Users can also plan trips on the iPad, and then send it to the iPhone for in-car navigation.

Other new features bring an optional Zagat Survey database. The option is sold as an in-app purchase for $7.99 (on sale for $5.99). Zagat of course is the popular ratings service for restaurants, hotels, and attractions. Version 1.7 also adds a new active lane assistant feature, which aims to help drivers stay in the current lane. NAVIGON says the feature gives live feedback of their current lane and where they may want to be in the future. This sounds great for city driving.

Yet more features is Map Reporter, which will allow users to submit changes to their local roads right on the device. This could be for example if local speed limits or road names change. Version 1.7 also added Retina Display support for the iPhone 4, which of course offers higher resolution graphics.

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