Mark Sanchez 17 Year Old Girlfriend: Eliza Kruger

Rumors that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is dating a 17-year-old high school student have been floating around online for weeks now. It looks like they’re accurate, and his girlfriend’s name is Eliza Kruger! The story, published yesterday, said that a 17-year-old, “E.K.,” met Sanchez at a Manhattan night club and hooked up with him at his home in New Jersey. Kruger sent pictures of the Jets quarterback’s home to confirm her story.

The New York Post reported today that the girl’s name is Eliza Kruger. According to Deadspin, Kruger repeatedly talked about how Sanchez is “really a nice guy” and “a genuine person.”

If the allegations are true, Sanchez did nothing wrong and broke no laws because the age of consent in New Jersey is 16.

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